this week at hot shots 3-9 july 2017


noise power electronics

NOISE // POWER ELECTRONICS (2nd workshop of Winter Sound School)
6pm-9pm (upstairs)

Week II of the Winter Sound School takes us into the shadowy world of Power Electronics, the genre that spawned harsh noise. Because it’s important to shit on all the rules of electronic music before you even learn them, here we will learn how to overdrive all our gear to create waves of feedback, atonal sub-bass pulses, chains of distortion, screeching feedback loops, & other fun things.

Guiding us will be two incredible power electronics artists, Shoshana Rosenberg of Biles (Adelaide) & Romy Seven of Scumwitch (Melbourne).

We don’t have to be incredibly faithful to the current occupants of audio filth. It’s our duty as noise making transwomen to reshape harsh sounds in our own image. Bros beware.



Lonely Hearts Choir. 7pm sharp. No experience, talent, etc necessary! All welcome. Bring any song that you wanna sing.



Brew Collective meet every Friday at 4pm in the upstairs kitchen. All welcome.



Sisters Inside Inc. is an independent community organisation, which exists to advocate for the human rights of women in the criminal justice system, and to address gaps in the services available to them.
For more information…
Support a crucial grassroots orgonisation at an All Ages DIY Friday night shindig…

A mainstay of Aus underground alternative music, delivering drone drenched punk/proto punk/cacophony of noise.

Goth, post punk with a sprinkling of anarcho. Their first Melbourne show in awhile, probably the last one for awhile (but not forever!) also.

Bangers and fuzz ride again! Chaotic delay drenched noisey punk for the punks.

Brat-beat punk featuring kazoo….

The resurecting performance of two piece anarcho punk project “HNV” from the brains of Pucci & Ry

8PM start, no punk time here šŸ˜‰

FOOD OF TODAY will be taking donations of non-perishable food items, cleaning products, baby products and health/sainitary products at the show!
$8 entry
$5 discounted entry with a donation for FOOD OF TODAY

FOOD of TODAY is a grassroots donation initiative aimed to benefit Asylum Seekers/Refugees, Indigneous Peoples, homeless, disadvantaged and other marginalized groups in Australia.



Incendium Radical Library will be open midday til 6 (upstairs).


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