this week at hot shots 26 june – 2 july

5PM (KIDS), 6PM – 9PM


To kick off the Winter Sound School term let’s meet ~the synthesizer~

We’ll go through a lil bit of the history & theory of the synth, & look at parts & functions you’re likely to meet. We’ll ask questions that shouldn’t be so hard to get an answer to – what’s a good first synth? Am I meant to care about analog vs digital? What the hell is that Pulse Code Modulation thing? Why does my synth jus refuse to make noise sometimes? How do I make an authentic Italo disco bassline? There are no dumb questions here.

But most importantly, we’ll just have a collection of synths set up & ready for you to cut sick on. Synth apps & software synths will be set up too so you can try out stuff you can download straight away if you’re hooked. If you’re already a synth Super Saiyan & wanna bring in your own beloved/s to show & tell, you definitely should!

FREE ADMISSION!! for more details/updated info visit the fb page


LONELY HEARTS ROOF TOP CHOIR (downstairs though coz it’s darned cold on the roof right now). Come sing yer lil heart out from 7 – 9, bring a song you wanna sing or just come join in. Everyone welcome, no singing experience or talent required!


Brew Collective meet every Friday at 4pm in the upstairs kitchen, sharing skills and making (and drinking) beers. Everyone welcome.


Incendium Radical Library is open every Sunday from midday til 6pm.


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